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Loyalty program

Your loyalty is being rewarded...

Book your stay with AEC Collection and get a discount corresponding to 3% of the price of your reservation to be used on a next booking. The loyalty check will be sent directly at your place.

1. How does it work ?

Book your stay and benefit from a 3% discount of the price of the reservation you have just made. This reduction will be used on your next booking.

For every stay booked with AEC Collection, you will receive a check of 3% of the price of this reservation. This check is to be used on your next booking with AEC Collection.*

- The check is issued by AEC Collection following reception of :

  • your booking file duly signed (rental contract + sales conditions)
  • the payment of your down payment and/or your whole stay. 

- The loyalty check can only be used on a next stay and only if your previous stay has been paid entirely (in the limit of its date of validity)

- The program only concerns stays booked through AEC Collection. Additional expenses payed on site during the stay and tourism taxes are excluded from the AEC Collection loyalty program.

- The loyalty check is sent directly to your place by post (or by email). 


2. Who is concerned by AEC Collection loyalty program ?

The AEC Collection loyalty program concerns: 

- every AEC Collection’s direct customer from France and abroad. 

- Every person who has made at least one stay with AEC Collection, since July 1st, 2007.

- Stays booked through an intermediary such as a Tour Operator or a commercial website are excluded.


3. How long and under which conditions is the loyalty check valid for ?

This program only concerns stays made since July 1st, 2007. No stay made prior to this date will be taken into account. 

Once issue, the loyalty check is valid for 2 years. No extension of the validity period will be granted in any case. 

- If the loyalty check is not used during the 2 years of its validity, it results to the loss of its value.

- The loyalty check is valid only if the previous stay has been fully payed. 


4. How to use your loyalty check ? 

- The loyalty check is to be used only once and cannot be cumulated.

- The loyalty check can only be used for the payment of a next stay booked through AEC Collection (during the period of validity of the loyalty check)

- The loyalty check can be used for a minimum purchase whose amount will be mentioned on the check itself.

- The loyalty check is to be used within the 2years following the end of the stay that determined its amount.*

- The loyalty check can be used on a stay which already benefits from a discount.

- The loyalty check can also be offered and give into a third (relative, friends…) for a next booking with AEC Collection.


5. When will you receive your loyalty check ?

-  Sending loyalty checks occurs once a month.

-  The loyalty check will be sent to you by post or email (in case AEC Collection would not have your postal address).

AEC Collection will send you your loyalty check only once we have received your booking file duly signed rental contract + sales conditions), with the payment of your down payment and / or your whole stay.*


6. Additional information

You can obtain the amount of your loyalty check to be used on your next booking

- on the loyalty check you have received by post or by email 

- by email :

- by phone : +33 4 50 88 21 95

- AEC Collection reserves its right to revise the present terms and conditions and will inform you of any modification. AEC Collection also reserves its right to modify or stop the program. In the event of definitive suspension or modification of the loyalty program, customers will be informed by AEC Collection website. No customer will be able to make any appeal of any kind against AEC Collection whatever may be the motives or circumstances. Modification or removal of the program will in no case give the customer the right of a compensation of any kind. 

- In the event of a fraud or suspicion of fraud or inappropriate use of the loyalty program, AEC Collection will be able to suspend permanently or temporarily the loyalty check.  

- AEC Collection disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect consequences caused from a possible misleading of the loyalty program. 

- AEC Collection will do all possible efforts for its customers to keep the benefit of his loyalty check though.


7. Your questions

My email address and/or postal has changed. How can I update this information? 

You can update your contact details by: 
- email : 
- phone :+33 4 50 88 21 95

How can I know the amount of my loyalty check to be used on my next booking ?

The amount of your loyalty check can be known:
- on the loyalty check you have received by post or by email
- by phone : +33 4 50 88 21 95 
- by email :


* : valid only for customers who booked since 08/07/2011.


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